STJCR 11 Indexable turning tool

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This 12mm STJCR is a 93° right handed turning tool, which is suitable for both turning and facing. The tool utilises the three 60° angles of the 11mm TCMT or TCGT insert, which is mounted at 93° to the axis of the lathe. The 11mm insert is more robust than than its 9mm counterpart, providing greater strength for those larger projects. 

  • Right handed 93° indexable turning and facing tool
  • Uses the 11mm TCMT or TCGT insert
  • Mounted at 93° to the axis of the lathe
  • Utilising the three 60° of the TCMT or TCGT insert
  • 12mm shank height
  • Supplied complete with TCMT110204 insert fitted with a 2.5mm high tensile torx screw


Product Note Status Price
TCMT 110204 GP25 TCMT 110204 GP25
(Radius: 04)
£2.90 *
TCMT 110208 GP25 TCMT 110208 GP25
(Radius: 08)
£2.90 *
TCGT 110202 NF25 TCGT 110202 NF25
(Radius: 02)
£2.95 *
TCGT 110204 NF25 TCGT 110204 NF25
(Radius: 04)
£2.95 *
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