SRDCN 08 Indexable turning tool

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The SRDCN is a 10mm indexable radius turning tool commonly know as the button tool, because of its round carbide insert, and infinite indexing. Its an ideal turning tool for creating complex shapes, perfect for profiling, copy turning and forming radii. The tool uses the 8mm diameter RCMT or RCGT insert.

  • Radius turning tool (Button tool)
  • 10mm shank height
  • Uses the 8mm RCMT or RCGT insert
  • Supplied complete with a RCMT0803 insert fitted with a 3mm high tensile torx screw


Product Note Status Price
RCMT 0803 RCMT 0803
(Diameter: 8mm)
£3.96 *
RCGT 0803MO AK10 RCGT 0803MO AK10
(Diameter: 8mm)
£3.96 *
High Tensile Torx Screw High Tensile Torx Screw
(Diameter: 3.0mm)
£2.60 *
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