HSS Centre Drills

(Body_Diameter: 5/16, Drill_Diameter: 1/88)

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Our range of double ended fully ground Centre Drills are manufactured from high speed steel and are are ideal for those operations where hole accurarcy is essential. They are available in a range of sizes from 1/8" through to 5/16". 

Each centre is designed to use a spiral flute to improve longevity and provide high quality cuts. 

Selection: HSS Centre Drills

Product no. Body_Diameter Drill_Diameter Status Price
HSS Centre Drills BS1 1/8 3/64
£2.15 *
HSS Centre Drills BS2 3/16 5/64
£2.30 *
HSS Centre Drills BS3 1/4 7/64
£2.65 *
HSS Centre Drills BS4 5/16 1/88
£3.00 *
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